Ellen shares emotional vid on George Floyd’s death, but gets mixed reactions from fans

June 05th, 2020

Sweeping across the United States right now are not just the infection cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also rage and the cry for injustice following the death of George Floyd, a black man who recently died under police custody.

Among those at the frontlines of this rallying cry are Hollywood celebrities, and TV host Ellen DeGeneres recently joined the bandwagon when she shared an emotional video on social media, saying how she is “so sad and so angry” about the incident.

“I have a platform and I have a voice and I have always stood for equality. I’ve always wanted to be the voice for people who felt like they didn’t have a voice because I know what that feels like,” she said in her post on Tuesday.

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Sign a petition. Make a donation. Get informed. Make a phone call. Do it all from the link in my bio.

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While the post did get more than 9 million views, which is a lot more than what she would usually get when she posts funny clips, the response was a mix of appreciation and resentment towards the TV host.

Ellen was on the hot seat recently after some of her former show staff and guests revealed stories of her bad behavior when the cameras are not rolling.

In her post, one person wrote: “you don’t seem like you actually genuinely care. honestly weak acting. you seem to have spoken up only because the media called you out for it.”

“wish you would treat people in your life this well PRIVATELY. throwing money at causes to save face will only work for so long. you have long been a horrible human to work with/ interact with and there will come a day you can no longer ignore this. DO BETTER ELLEN,” said another.

On the other side of the spectrum, those who remain faithful in the goodness of the TV host shared their words of encouragement.

Country singer Kimberly Dawn said, “Ellen you said it perfectly. I love your heart. We need more people like you to make a stand. We can’t be silent we need to be loud. This injustice needs to stop. Thank you for your voice.”

“Ellen, I wish you would run for president. I would vote for you!!!” another person said.

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