Mommy Mundo brings #PEDTalk series online to help families ease into the new normal

May 22nd, 2020

Have we fully adjusted to the “new normal”? ⁣Most of us may have been able to, but the changes happening here and there make it seem like we are going back to square one. ⁣

Mommy Mundo, in partnership with @sanofi Pasteur Philippines have put together a series of talks to help you and your family ease into the new normal as we all learn to navigate our medical needs during this pandemic. ⁣

PEDTalk is one of Mommy Mundo’s signature community events in partnership with experts that aims to provide vital information on topics concerning family health, immunity and immunization, nutrition and child development. These are doctor-led discussions on some of the major concerns we parents share during these unprecedented times.⁣

The first of the #PEDTalk series entitled “Health Emergencies at Home & What to Do When You Really, Really Have to See a Doctor in the Time of COVID-19” with Dr. Nerissa Dando, will be LIVE tomorrow, May 23, Saturday on #MommyMundo Facebook Page at 2PM. ⁣Event will be hosted by Camille Prats Yambao.

No need to register but make sure to mark your calendars!⁣ In cooperation with our Official Online Media Partner, InqPOP! and INQUIRER.NET.

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