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As a mom, here are the lessons I learned during this health crisis

May 03rd, 2020

This COVID-19 pandemic came and we are not ready. Suddenly, everything has changed and it was never the same again. There’s chaos almost everywhere. Hospitals are crowded and people die. Some lost their family and friends without saying goodbye. It’s truly a lonely sight. But behind this terrifying situation are lessons learned.

Family time is everything

I am a working mom with two small kids. I have always wanted to be with them and just be a stay-at-home mom but we have lots of bills to pay so it was next to impossible. Though this crisis upsets me, I am thankful that I have more time with my children these days. We may not be able to go out like we used to do but we can still have fun together. They enjoy riding their bicycles while enjoying the morning sun, building blocks and many other things.

You can give up something if you want–like shopping 

I’m not proud to admit it but I was a certified shopaholic. Almost every day, I had deliveries from different shopping apps. I had also frequented malls and felt the urge to buy things immediately. I knew it was an addiction that was difficult to resist. So, even if these were not included in our budget, I would buy them. Then, later on, I would just regret the things that I bought because I didn’t really like them. Just a waste of time and money. And now, since the lockdown happened more than a month ago, I was able to overcome the feeling to buy something I don’t really need. The excitement is no longer there. I realized that I can still survive even without those new clothes, bags and shoes. And those material things are momentary and meaningless. Of course, these can make you happy but family and health are more important because not everyone has them.

We are blessed in different ways

I have learned to be thankful for what I have, to stop complaining and to be patient to wait for my own breakthrough to come. This crisis opened my eyes to the harsh realities of life. It is heartbreaking to see other people looking helpless and struggling to find food for their families. I may not have lots of money but I have learned to give and help others in my little ways. It made me understand that even if I am not rich, I have a job, a home and food on our table. And these are priceless.

Honor and appreciate the sacrifices of our brave and selfless frontliners–our everyday heroes

 I know that their situation is not easy at all but they willingly endure the challenges and difficulties just to save and protect us from this deadly virus. Their families are also waiting for them to come home but they would still have to delay it until the pandemic ends. Yes, they are strong but exhausted – because even heroes also get tired. I know how it feels because my husband is a hero, too.

If we want to stop the virus, we should stay at home

We are safe there and we cannot catch the virus if we practice good hygiene and social distancing, wear masks and not go outside. It is not boring to stay at home; it is a luxury that many people cannot have that’s why I am grateful. So, let us do our part in our fight against this COVID-19. It is time to show our solidarity to end this pandemic because this is everyone’s battle.

We have a bigger and more powerful God

 There seems to be a lot of fear right now but I believe that Jesus is greater than this virus. And time will come when He will take it away. We do not know when it happens but God has a purpose – that is to love Him first and not anything else, to be humble, to repent and to turn back to Him and be saved. I also learned to be brave because God is my strength. And that Jesus, my Lord and Savior, can heal everything including coronavirus.

This morning, the sun was radiant and beautiful. It’s like a symbol of hope. Of a new beginning. Of healing. And I believe that after this pandemic, we will rise again and heal as one.

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