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WATCH: Police lead Zumba classes in locked-down Colombia

April 13th, 2020

Police officers in Colombia — the birthplace of Zumba — are making sure citizens stay home through the sheer power of dance.

Cops in the country’s capital of Bogota have turned to the dance workout to keep residents entertained during the nationwide lockdown, which began on March 25.

Among those officers is Jhonny Pico Hernandez who is also a Zumba instructor. He has been documenting police dancing on the streets for citizens on his Instagram page @polizumba.

Over the past weeks, Zumba dance parties have been held day and night in neighborhoods, at times with the mascots of the national police. Residents follow moves in their apartments and even post thank you notes on their windows.

With Colombia’s national quarantine extended from April 12 to April 27, officers might need to keep up their role as Zumba instructors. According to the World Health Organization, the country has 2,473 COVID-19 cases as of yesterday, April 12. JB


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