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Online user pens poem that can relate to our situation now

April 09th, 2020

This POP! Creators entry was submitted by Arianne Victoriano.

Regarding the reason why she’d like to share this poem, Victoriano tells POP!: “I’d like to share a poem I have written way back because it is exactly how it feels right now. Every line felt like the COVID-19 [situation] our world is [currently] enduring. It is a waiting game and we can only pray, hope for strength and keep the faith [during times like these].”

Here is her poem:

Amidst onslaught of thoughts
clashing in disarray
from dead of night
til peep of day
is what’s unseen yet felt,
what’s heard best to unsay.
As verdicts when already casted,
fate stands still, unbetrayed.
Tell now not to cease enduring
nor keep on passing away
for blurry is the path,
concealed is the only way
yet morrow knows wait
and is yearnful for repay.
So down at his feet again
like how he’s always prayed
Need not ask more than
just for faith and hope to stay.


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