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‘Give a sheet’: A group of artists sells toilet paper art to raise funds for COVID-19

April 03rd, 2020

One of the most common scenarios we had witnessed two weeks ago was people picking up toilet papers on the ply (well, we meant, fly), depleting all supplies in groceries and supermarkets—as if it could save them from catching the infection. That’s why, given its obvious importance to every household, a group of artists is taking inspiration from a loo paper to create a masterpiece and raise enough funds to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reported by Mashable, Amsterdam-based creative directors Guillaume Roukhomovsky and Blaz Verhnjak launched an initiative called the GIVE-A-SHEET project. The goal of this worldwide call is to encourage quarantined artists from the creative community to utilize their talents in the battle against the deadly virus. The money collected from selling these pieces of art—which ranges from $25 to $100—will be used to fund the activities of the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

Apart from raising funds, Roukhomovsky and Verhnjak also wanted to spread a little joy and laughter while everyone is trying to cope with isolation and quarantine.

In a statement released on their website, the duo said: “Because toilet paper has become the new safe haven currency, there’s no reason artists shouldn’t make it their new best canvas. The initiative not only aims to raise funds to tackle the pandemic but also aims to inspire everyone out there to hold on and stay home, with a simple little piece of art (and humor).”

Here are some of the artworks that are currently up for grabs: 

Iso Lillies I by Jessica Simonis

Snog Roll by Charlotte Burke

Modern Love by Federica Martini

Zen 禅 White by Masaya Kochi

Home 家(ie) Black by Masaya Kochi

In difficult times like this, Roukhomovsky and Verhnjak believe that any help, whether big or small, can surely make a difference. So if you are an artist and willing to “help wipe this shitty outbreak away”, send them a message at [email protected].


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