Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Jon Matson

Postman dresses up in different costumes to cheer up people in quarantine

April 02nd, 2020

Because of the guidelines mandated by health officials, communities all over the world are required to stay indoors and self-isolate. However, there are exceptions to this rule as doctors, healthcare officials, policemen, grocery workers, and even postmen can continue doing their job, with the necessary precautions taken.

With this in mind, postman Jon Matson decided to use this opportunity to make people under self-quarantine smile by dressing up in different costumes.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Jon Matson

For a number of days, the 39-year-old father of two dressed up as a cheerleader, a lady in a blue checkered dress, and a soldier off to fight in the battle of Troy (the costume comes with a Trojan horse and an Achilles heel).

“So while this virus grips the world I still have to go to work and deliver post, today I done it in style and made a few people smile. That was the ultimate goal,” Matson wrote on Instagram.

Since he started this fun gimmick, a number of households in his delivery route have commended him on his efforts to uplift their spirits. In fact, one of his usual customers, Zoe Grant, even told Sunderland Echo, “Jon is sending such a positive message to the residents that this virus is not all doom and gloom and even our key workers who are still out there doing their jobs to keep the nation running and saving lives can do it in good spirit and with a sense of pride and humour.I’m proud that Jon is my postman and I can’t wait to see his next costume.”

And for Matson, the sentiment is mutual as he finds contentment in seeing his customers happy.

“Seeing everybody helps me keep my spirits up too,” he shared with Sunderland Echo.

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At the moment, Matson wants to keep his lineup of costumes a secret to surprise his customers in the next coming days. Though you can see his past costumes on his Instagram page.

Keep doing you, Jon Matson!

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