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Japanese designer gets creative in quarantine, creates gundam-themed face masks

March 30th, 2020

As many of us already know, there has been a shortage of face masks all around the world. Because of this, a lot of civilians have become a bit creative when it comes to their protective wear. From wearing a head-to-toe giraffe costume to using water bottles as face shields, it’s interesting to see the lengths these individuals will go through to prevent contagion.

Recently, a Japanese designer and builder has been making waves online for his detailed, anime-themed face masks. The man in question is Twitter user @gekidan2264, who shared his creations on social media and garnered numerous praise from Otakus everywhere.

Check out his uniquely-designed protective gear:

○形状をよりガンダムっぽく#マスク #ガンダム pic.twitter.com/YJnK6BhGJt

— 激 弾!またはMr.戌亥 (@gekidan2264) March 16, 2020

『ガンダムの前に立つ』 pic.twitter.com/o4gzlFDDnG

— 激 弾!またはMr.戌亥 (@gekidan2264) March 21, 2020

マスクとしては失格(笑#自作マスク #ゲッターロボ pic.twitter.com/IwF2KBNvXA

— 激 弾!またはMr.戌亥 (@gekidan2264) March 19, 2020

稲城長沼駅にできた1/1スコタコと撮りたいが為に造った【炎の匂い染みついてむせるゴーグル&マスク】(笑#自作マスク #ボトムズ #実物大 #スコープドッグ pic.twitter.com/N5LKv5wgND

— 激 弾!またはMr.戌亥 (@gekidan2264) March 26, 2020

Here’s to hoping he comes up with more cool face masks!

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