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Lawyer pens two poems to express her sentiments and frustrations about love

March 29th, 2020

This #POPCreators entry was submitted by Atty. Ella Balatbat, who identifies herself as “a lawyer by day and a frustrated writer by night.”

She tells POP! that these two poems were created as a way to express her sentiments and frustrations about love and relationships.

“I am single and like many women who have been [a] victim of men and love, in general, have written poems to help release my frustrations.”

Here are two of her poems entitled “Waiting In Vain” and “Our Hearts”

Waiting In Vain

It took me a long time to realize

That you were never going to decide

Either because you loved us both

Or because you were just too selfish 

And wanted the best of both worlds

You didn’t want to lose either of us

So you kept us both waiting

Not knowing it was in vain

It wasn’t that I didn’t love you anymore

It just finally dawned on me

That you are taking forever to decide

Not because you cannot choose

But because you just didn’t want to

And I couldn’t be part of that anymore

So I left and gave you an easier way out.


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Our Hearts

Was there ever a moment that 

You thought, hey she could 

Be the one

Or she should have been the one

Why didn’t I think of that?

Or why did I not see that?

Or why did I let her go?

When my heart clearly yearns for her

When her heart speaks my name

I know you did

But you will never admit that

Our hearts may 

Forever entwined

But always apart.


POP! Creator/ Ella Balatbat


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