Image by: Jester Burgos

Fur parents share ‘work from home’ situation with dogs—and we’re all living for it

March 17th, 2020

If you’ve ever seen a dog running up to its owner after they have been separated for 30 seconds, just imagine the intense joy our little furballs feel whenever they’re with us. So it’s no surprise that when people are locked in at home, their doggos are having the time of their life—with scratches and lots of attention.

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On a Facebook community group called Who’s your pupper, senpai?fur parents are sharing adorable photos of their pets while they’re working from home—and surely, you’re going to love them too!

This doggo doin’ a micromanage

Image from: Angelie Janelle Orleans

And this fur baby (probably) telling his owner to go back to work

Image from: Gabriel Salvador

Or, this pupperino who seems work-from-home ready

Image from: Jaimee Crisostomo

This dog showing his affection towards his owner

Image from: Ericson Fernandez

“Work ka na naman?!”

Image from: Patricia Morada

And this pug who seems like in constant need of attention

Image from: Kenzo Laureano

Even though it has been tough, community quarantine does give us more time to be with our fluffy friends who will always have our backs and take any (if not all) of our socks lying around the house.

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