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New ‘lipstick challenge’ indirectly leads girls to question their body image

March 06th, 2020

Through the years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in society’s standard of beauty. Not so long ago, women were constantly being told that “skinny equates to pretty”. But now, thanks to celebrities like Lizzo and Ashley Graham, more women are slowly realizing the beauty of their fuller figures.

Despite the prevalence of body positivity today, it’s surprising to still see “body-shaming” comments and trends on social media. And one of the most worrying fads out there today is the lipstick challenge.

Popularized by Chinese actress Chen Su on Weibo, this particular internet challenge dares women to seamlessly balance a lipstick on their collarbone.

Screengrab from Weibo

Although the lipstick challenge does not explicitly intend to criticize or ridicule women who can’t do it, it does give girls the notion that if you were thinner, you could balance the lipstick better–leading them to question their body image. And with the impressionable nature of young girls, this challenge can reignite another era of negative body consciousness.

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So, how can girls prevent being influenced by this trend? 

The first step is to NOT do the challenge. Sure, it may be interesting to see if you can actually balance a lipstick on your collarbone, but doing it won’t define how beautiful you are and what you’re capable of doing.

Lastly, take an active part in shunning away things that can cause you to doubt your self-worth and beauty. Adrienne Ressler, a national training director for The Renfrew Center (a national eating disorder treatment facility), told WebMD that she advises young girls to distance themselves from these mainstream media messages.

“I ask them (young girls) to look at the young children there [at the park] and to realize the joy of little kids of all shapes and sizes moving their bodies. They all look so alive. We need to return to more of that.”

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Here’s to hoping the lipstick challenge dies out just like the rest of the other ridiculous internet trends.

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