Pepper the dog and an X-ray of the engagement ring in its stomach. Images: Facebook/Valley Farm Animal Hospital

LOOK: Dog swallows owner’s engagement ring

February 12th, 2020

A dog from South Africa appears to have taken a liking for jewelry as it recently swallowed its owner’s engagement ring.

The pet, named Pepper, was taken to the Valley Farm Animal Hospital after the incident, as per the animal hospital’s Facebook page on Feb. 3.

The hospital accompanied the post with a photo of Pepper with its eyes closed. Posing as the animal, the center made light of the situation and said, “Do I look a little nauseous? That’s because the vet has just given me something to make me vomit!”

My name is Pepper. Do I look a little nauseous? That's because the vet has just given me something to make me vomit! Not…

Posted by Valley Farm Animal Hospital on Monday, February 3, 2020

“Not because the vet is a meanie but because I ate my Mom’s engagement ring!!!” the post added.

The animal center also told its followers not to ask how the ring was ingested because for Pepper, it seemed like a “good idea at the time.” The ring was also seen in X-rays of the dog’s stomach, which were uploaded with the post.

Moments after Pepper was brought to the animal hospital, the ring was successfully removed when the dog finally vomited. Spending time inside the dog’s stomach did not seem to affect the piece of jewelry as it still came out “as good as new.”

Still posing as the dog, the center joked: “Or I’d say even better as she’ll always have our story to tell.” 

Meanwhile, a certain Melanie Chantal van Heerden pointed out how it was “very nice of the vet to arrange that the ring came back up and not out of the bottom of the pup.”  /ra


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