Mark Rofe's billboard. Image: Twitter/@iamrofe

Single man buys billboard to find love, future partner

February 03rd, 2020

A single man has chosen to go beyond the usual online dating apps in his bid to find his perfect partner.

Mark Rofe bought a three-meter high and six-meter wide billboard in Manchester, United Kingdom to look for potential dates, Daily Mail reported last Friday, Jan. 31.

The 30-year-old uploaded a photo of the sign on his Twitter page on the same day. 

The dating apps weren't working, so I bought a billboard and set up a website to stand out and try get a date.

Help me out https://t.co/ddz5s5aTul #DateMark pic.twitter.com/z4nBlA4v1X

— Mark Rofe 🧦 (@iamrofe) January 31, 2020

The billboard shows Rofe posing on his side with the phrase “Single?” above him while the words “Date Mark” are placed below. It also tells passersby that it could be “the sign [they have] been waiting for.”

“The dating apps weren’t working, so I bought a billboard and set up a website to stand out and try get a date,” Rofe said. 

On his website, Dating Mark, Rofe jokes that he bought the sign because he is single and “all of [his] friends are getting married,” adding that he is “struggling to get a date.” He also describes himself as “an extremely handsome and modest 30-year-old” who works in marketing.

His site features an application form for those who are interested in going on a date with Rofe. He has received 1004 applications, as of this writing.

However, for those who do not intend to enjoy Rofe’s company, he provided a link to his crowdfunding page for more billboards. Rofe explains that he is “not optimistic with his chances” and believes more signs will help his likelihood of success.

He hopes to raise enough money to buy billboards in other nearby cities, including Dublin, London and Cardiff. However, if Rofe does not get sufficient funds, he will instead donate the amount to the Cancer Research UK charity. JB


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