Robee Enriquez Serrano luckily met Taylor Swift while she was shopping in the Loft store, a souvenir shop located at Shibuya City in Tokyo, Japan on Nov. 6. Image: courtesy of @robeeserrano/Instagram

LOOK: Filipino ‘Swiftie’ bumps into Taylor Swift in Japan souvenir store

November 17th, 2019

One of the luckiest chance encounters some people could probably have is to meet their ultimate idols while simply strolling around.

That was what exactly happened to Robee Enriquez Serrano, a Filipino fan of Taylor Swift, while she was shopping in the Loft store, a souvenir shop located at Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

Serrano posted a photo of her and Swift on her Instagram account on Nov. 6 and narrated a story of how she bumped into the “Lover” singer.


“While waiting for my friends, I went to the top floor of [the] Loft store to look for souvenir items. After around 5 [minutes], may mga bodyguard na pumaligid sa room (there were bodyguards who surrounded the room).”

When only a few of them were left in the room, the bodyguards let her talk to Taylor Swift.

“I think I was the only one who asked for a photo with her on that floor [since] most of the people there, aside from Taylor’s team, are [just] the store staff,” Serrano told InqPOP! in an interview.

Recounting Swift’s kindness as she approached the star, Serrano said, “I asked her if I can have a photo with her, she said yes and she was really nice. She is so tall while I’m only 5 feet, [and] lumapit talaga sya sa akin (she really walked up to me) so we can take a photo together.”

To make the most of the moment, Serrano hugged the American singer and told her, “God bless you and I’m really happy to see you” to which Swift replied by thanking her and smiling back.

After that, Serrano went to the tax refund counter while Swift continued shopping.

Serrano did not know that Taylor Swift was also in Japan at that time. Serrano went to the trip to Tokyo with her friends and had been in Japan since Nov. 2. It was their last day there when she luckily met the 29-year-old music sensation.

“I feel so blessed and grateful to God [for giving me] this rare opportunity to have this kind of encounter with a superstar like Taylor Swift,” the lucky Swiftie added.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift made her presence known to her fans via Twitter the moment she finally arrived in Japan’s busy capital. She shared some of her snaps as she was off to visit cat cafes and aquarium shops in Tokyo.

Taylor posted photos of herself with her Japanese fans on Instagram last Nov. 7. 

The images were taken during her “Lover” promotional fan meeting on Nov. 6. JB


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