KinderPOP! Art: Robi Daniel Ortega draws sea creatures based on his imagination

July 26th, 2019

Robi Daniel Ortega, a five-year-old kid from Quezon City, is a huge fan of life under the sea. According to his sister Nicole, Ortega loves playing with his imagination and turning his love for aquatic life into masterpieces. This particular work of art is called “Sharktopus.” 

Funnily enough, his love for any type of sea creatures has started even when he was still a baby. Instead of “Mama” or “Papa,” his first word was “fishda”, a mix of English term of fish and its Filipino translation, isda. 

His family believes that Ortega got his creative side from his grandpa, who’s a former billboard artist in Tarlac way back in the 60s. Interestingly, Ortega’s grandpa was the brilliant mind behind Luis Taruc’s portrait, the leader of Hukbong Bayan Laban Sa Hapon (HUKBALAHAP).

Check out his other artworks:

Photo Credit: Robi Daniel Ortega/KinderPOP!

Photo Credit: Robi Daniel Ortega/KinderPOP!

Photo Credit: Robi Daniel Ortega/KinderPOP!

KinderPOP!/Robi Daniel Ortega

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