Image: Facebook/Tiffany Clark

LOOK: Student gets cozy in a field wearing just a bathrobe for his senior high pictorial

July 23rd, 2019

A teenager caught the attention of netizens after he posed in a field wearing a bathrobe for his senior high pictorial.

Seventeen-year-old Evan Dennison of Indiana, United States is moving up to his senior year at Portage High School, WTHI-TV reported on Tuesday, July 16. He said he duly informed his family that he will wear a bathrobe for his senior pictorial, but they did not take him seriously.

Evan Dennison

Image: Facebook/Tiffany Clark

Tiffany Clark, Dennison’s cousin who happens to be a photographer, was hired by his mother to take the pictures, the New York Post reported on Thursday, July 18.

Before the pictorial, Clark requested Dennison to change into the clothes his mother picked out. By the time he was ready, she was surprised to see him in a bathrobe.

“I almost didn’t want to do it. I kept telling Evan you need to change your clothes, your mom’s not gonna love this,” Clark told WTHI-TV. “But he said, ‘No, no, this is it. This is me.’”

The photos were shared on Clark’s Facebook post on Sunday, July 14.

Evan Dennison

Image: Facebook/Tiffany Clark

The pictorial showed off Dennison’s bright smile as he pointed at the sky in one shot while lying on the field.

Evan Dennison

Image: Facebook/Tiffany Clark

The 17-year-old went all out as he turned his back while apparently flashing his body in front of cars. Clark ultimately commended Dennison’s offbeat idea.

“I think senior photos should be more like this,” she was quoted as saying. “These kids aren’t button-downs and khakis normally in life, so why should they be for the pictures that represent them?”

Dennison admitted that the pictorial did not please his mother, but he has no regrets.

“She loves that everyone loves them and that they reflect my personality so well, but she’s still very unhappy with them as my senior photos,” Dennison was quoted as saying. “I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make your mother happy, but senior photos should definitely be your photos.”

Still, to appease the parent, Dennison and Clark promised that they would shoot again in an outfit that is more “mom-appropriate.”

Clark’s album has gone viral, garnering over 250,000 reactions and more than 40,000 comments, as of this writing.




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