Burlesque PH, B-Side Productions, and Pineapple Lab bring back their show ‘Bodabil’

June 13th, 2019

Burlesque PH, B-Side Productions, and Pineapple Lab are proud to bring back their popular show: Bodabil.

Bodabil will take audiences on a historic journey in an art form that was influential in shaping Philippine entertainment as we know it today. 

Photo by Dar San Agustin: Performance by Foxxy Gray from the 2018 Bodabil: Pride Edition

In this edition of Bodabil, the Burlesque PH glitter tribe will explore the rainbow spectrum by celebrating Pride Month in all its glory. From singing to striptease and everything in between, Bodabil: Pride Edition is sure to be a variety show that will tickle, touch, and inspire.

Bodabil will feature the diverse cast of Burlesque PH and the many ways they tell their stories through the art of the tease.

Photo by Dar San Agustin: Performance by Antoinette Noir from the 2018 Bodabil: Pride Edition

Bodabil: A History

At the turn of the 20th century, Philippine entertainment was dominated by Spanish-influenced stage content like the zarzuela (or “sarswela”). With the arrival of the Americans in Philippine soil, Vaudeville was introduced to entertain American troops stationed here. What is vaudeville? Simply put, it’s a theatre for everyone. It featured a variety show format. And everyone from all walks of life can come and be entertained. These acts included singing, dancing, social commentary, comedy, and, of course… burlesque. As Vaudeville shows they became more popular in the Philippines, Filipinos started to perform in them. Eventually, Filipinos started to form their own troupes, where they incorporated Filipino flavors like local folk dances and ballads. It became known locally as Bodabil.

Pineapple Lab

Bodabil will take place in Pineapple Lab: “an arts and performance hub dedicated to finding innovative ways to showcase the works of Filipino art makers, international artists, and collaborators. Located in Barangay Poblacion in Makati City, Pineapple Lab situates itself in the heart of one of Metro Manila’s oldest historic districts and center of business and entertainment.” (pineapplelab.ph)

Burlesque PH

Burlesque PH is the Philippines’ premiere brand for burlesque performances, education, and merchandise dedicated to building awareness and development of the art of the tease. They are a group of sophisticated and whimsical individuals who see and interpret beauty through theatrical and empowering striptease.

(L-R: Joey Satana, Lucky Rapscallion, Foxxy Gray, Antoinette Noir, Sam Reynolds, Lady Von Chelle, Fruitfly Frankie) Photo by Dar San Agustin: Curtain call from the first run of Bodabil, which took place last February 2018 as part of Fringe MNL.

Updates and additional information can be found at the Burlesque PH Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/BurlesquePH.

For reservations and inquiries, email [email protected]


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