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This study claims that cat owners are more ‘intelligent’ than dog lovers

May 10th, 2019

Are you a cat lover? Did you know that your pets are also a reflection of yourself? According to The McKeown Clinic, people who love cats are more sensitive and better in standing up for their beliefs.

Live Science, a science news website, mentioned that cats are one of the most chosen pets in the world because of their unique characteristics. Cat eyes are the largest eyes among other mammals in relation to the size of their body. Their eye vision is about 185 degrees–no wonder how they are able to see more than 6 times at night compared to humans. The ears of cats are sensitive because they have 32 muscles that help them to rotate their ears about 180 degrees. They also have a dual-powered sense of smell which only make them able to detect scents a thousand times better than humans.


Aside from their amazing abilities, felines also make great companions—depending on their breed. Just like our canine friends, they can also help in lowering the level of human stress and coping with grief and loss. But among the many advantages of having a cat, your love for them also says something about your personality.

There’s a study saying that cat people are more intelligent than dog people. In an interview with Unilad, Steve McKeown of The McKeown Clinic said that: “A study of 600 college students that was conducted Denise Guastello found that cat people tend to be non-conformist, somebody who stands up for what they believe in despite what anyone thinks which in many ways and perhaps mirrors the independence for which cats are renowned. Cat people also score higher on intelligence tests and more educated. Cat people are more likely to possess university degrees than dog owners. Educated people tend to work longer hours and opt for pets that compliment their personal circumstances and lifestyle.”

Whether you’re a cat person or dog person, what’s more important is your connection with your pets. More than anything else, our pets will always be there regardless of our flaws. And whenever we are all feeling blue, you can expect them to always be there to provide emotional support.

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