UP BMS La Fashionista encourages animal wildlife preservation through innovative fashion

April 26th, 2019

The UP Business Management Society or UP BMS is a duly organized organization that aims to realize its members’ full potential for maximum growth especially in the field of Business Management. Aside from the outreach programs it conducts, UP BMS also holds various events such as Outburst (a school-based game) and Pioneer (a business seminar for students), and one of its main pride is the La Fashionista.

La Fashionista is an annual competition led by the UP Business Management Society wherein contestants show their skills and creativity through creating fresh and revolutionary outfits, and flaunting these costumes on the runway. Each year, various themes are presented. Every theme has a significant purpose in society.

For this year, the theme for La Fashionista is entitled “SALVARE: Wildlife Protection Through Innovative Fashion”. It will all be about bringing boundless creativity to encourage the preservation of animal wildlife. While designers create exquisite outfits inspired by endangered animals, their models on the other hand, in order to promote awareness of the wildlife, will showcase these pieces through walking the runway with glitz and glamour.

This year’s competition will be held on the 23rd of April at The Encore at Century Hotel, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga. Witness as five gorgeous ladies represent their respective independent groups, organizations, fraternities, sororities, and confraternities. This is not your usual fashion show, because this is La Fashionista!


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