Beloved Sidekicks Benny, Metalbeard Got Your Back in ‘The LEGO Movie 2’

February 12th, 2019
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Two of the best sidekicks to take on any journey in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “The LEGO Movie 2” would be MetalBeard and Benny, played by returning stars Nick Offerman and Charlie Day. Though they’re as different as a galleon to a rocket ship, the bottom line is, these guys just want to get the job done and help their friends.

“MetalBeard is a pirate whose body was lost in battle and who managed to cobble together a new one out of spare parts that he’s constantly replacing,” says Offerman of his character, who resembles not only a pirate but a pirate ship, with a fair amount of Swiss Army knife thrown in. “That makes him the ultimate mechanic and very handy in a crisis when an object needs to be put together. Hopefully, MetalBeard is around to launch a shark or a cannonball out of his arm.”

Considering what additional tools the old salt might find useful, Offerman suggests, “I wouldn’t mind if he could slap on a charcoal grill and cook up some burgers for the gang.”

Having worked successfully side by side in the original “The LEGO Movie,” MetalBeard and Benny the Spaceman have become something of a duo, with Benny often helping his pal re-attach his head and various limbs that tend to go astray.

The vintage minifigure Benny, moviegoers will remember, is a loopy astronaut with a cracked helmet. A great and loyal friend, he’s always on board whenever and wherever an adventure takes the gang, but above all, Benny is known for one defining trait. “He loves spaceships!” Day declares. If he’s not piloting or building them, it’s guaranteed he’s talking about them or just thinking about them.

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