Calein Releases the Sound of Heartbreak this 2019 with ‘Someone’

January 18th, 2019
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Taking the Metro Manila indie scene by storm, gig after gig in your favorite bars, Calein releases “Someone”, a song purely about loss and the darkness that comes along with losing a significant partner.

The latest single from the indie/alternative band starts with a sound that pre-empts listeners that the song will most likely make someone cry. As the lyrics go, vocalist and rhythm guitarist JD Mustacho sings about how this past significant partner has found her “Someone”, unfortunately in the shape of someone else, and how badly this has affected him. Just as when you allow yourself to indulge into sadness because of its sad-yet-honest lyrics and soulful sound, you’ll find your head bopping as the song transitions into its chorus and synth-ful drop as Calein perfectly creates this sadness into something beautiful; something worth slow dancing to, especially at live gigs. This is simply the sound of heartbreak in 2019.

Calein was originally formed in 2015, and today the band consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist JD Mustacho, lead guitarist JP Isidro, and bassist Kleyo Aydalla. “Someone” is released under OC Records! Same record label with (Unique Salonga, Bita and the botflies, Callalily and more..
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