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Here are 3 kilig moments during Lee Jong-suk ‘Crank Up’ fan meeting in Manila

January 02nd, 2019

Crowds of fans were blown away during the much-awaited fan meeting of Korean actor Lee Jong-suk last November 18, 2018 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Hosted by Filipina actress Giselle Sanchez, the night became more exhilarating when the audience chanted “Lee Jong-suk!” Thunderous cheers filled the coliseum as Lee finally entered the stage and waved to his fans.

Even Sanchez admitted that she got really starstruck upon seeing Lee’s charm face to face.  

Right after, Lee Jong-suk expressed how excited he was to see his Filipino fans since Manila would be the last leg for his “Crank Up”  tour.

Truly, the fan meeting was mesmerizing and we still can’t get over it! That’s why we listed down some kilig moments during Lee Jong-suk’s fan convention.

Your magical night with Lee JongSuk is about to begin.#LeeJongSukinMNL 🧡 pic.twitter.com/830dgVDxwX

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Lee’s unforgettable fan moment is with Filipinos

The first segment of the fan meeting was the “LJS Brain Structure,” where Lee answered questions about family, stress, fans, and the year 2018.

When asked about his most memorable moment with fans, Lee immediately answered “right now,” pertaining to the event that night.

Being a son, Lee shared that as much as possible he tries to be close with his family, especially to his mother. He also mentioned that his younger brother–although they look alike– doesn’t have any plans to join show business.

The actor also revealed that he copes with stress by eating delicious food. Moreover, the year 2018 was the meaningful to Lee as he turned 30. This 2019, he plans to focus more on his future career.

Being the gentleman that he is, Lee Jong Suk asks Host, Giselle Sanchez, if she's okay after she relieved her stress. 😁🧡#LeeJongSukInMNL pic.twitter.com/Ke3iYjS8Kj

— PULP Live World (@PULPLiveWorld) November 18, 2018

Lee Jong-suk’s most intimate kiss is with Han Hyo-Joo!

Throughout his career, we have seen Lee portray different iconic roles such as a smart journalist, newbie prosecutor, and a webtoon character.

And that night, Lee, along with his fans, reminisced some of his memorable onscreen kisses.

The top three included “Pinocchio’s” hand kiss with Park Shin-Hye, followed by “While You Were Sleeping’s” rain kiss with Suzy Bae and the most intimate handcuff kiss with Han Hyo-Joo in “W.”

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Among the above-mentioned TV series, the actor admitted that he is more comfortable with the cast members of “While You Were Sleeping,” since it was filmed quite longer than the other shows.

Lee Jong-suk is enthusiastic when in love

This “OX Talk” segment unveiled the romantic side of LJS, where he had to answer Yes (O) or No (X) to five questions about love and relationship.

If you’re wondering what kind of a lover Lee Jong-suk is, he confessed that he’s active and enthusiastic when he likes someone, “When I want something, I want to have it.”

Here are some of the questions that were asked during the segment:

I think there is a reason for the love that others oppose. – O

I am a jealous person. – O

Man and woman can become friends. – O

I have a consistent ideal type. – X

I am active and enthusiastic when falling in love. – X

The actor later revealed that “I have a lot of jealousy in me.” He also has taken the lid off when he said that he does not have a consistent ideal type, but he addressed that he prefers someone who is wise.

It's game time and Lee Jong Suk's answers are making everyone in @TheBigDome go wild with kilig! 🧡#LeeJongSukinMNL pic.twitter.com/AehMEmcAUj

— PULP Live World (@PULPLiveWorld) November 18, 2018

Aside from these thrilling revelations, lucky fans were able to join LJS on the stage as they played the “Telepathy game.” This portion showed two opposing things which the fans would try to guess what LJS is going to choose.  

Only his true fans know that LJS likes white than black. He prefers milk to juice and historical to sci-fi drama. He also loves long sleeve polo than knitwear and text messages than phone calls. When it comes to outdoor activities, he would rather swim than ski.

Look at these lucky Fanatics on stage with Lee Jong Suk! 🧡#LeeJongSukinMNL pic.twitter.com/j6hAL8sQCA

— PULP Live World (@PULPLiveWorld) November 18, 2018

Lee expressed his gratitude to his Filipino fans, “I won’t forget your warm love and support for me.”  The successful fan meeting ended with Lee’s performance of the song “Come To Me”.

Thank you for tonight, Lee Jong Suk! We will all remember this magical night forever. 🧡#LeeJongSukinMNL pic.twitter.com/puiwR22UBm

— PULP Live World (@PULPLiveWorld) November 18, 2018

The Lee Jong-suk “Crank Up” Fan Meeting Tour in Manila is produced by PULP Live World.

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