HUPEEP 5: LEGACY holds a fundraising dance concert

July 11th, 2018


Like with all great things that come to fruition, UPeepz had its humble beginnings rooted within a group of friends and what they are passionate about. In our case, it’s dance and everything about it. Since 2011, the team has evolved into a world class dance company with a few notable local and international wins under its belt. Competing in various divisions that cover different age range, and routines involving multiple styles of choreography performed by, at most, 40 dancers, it’s for certain that UPeepz embodies talent, skill, and the Filipino heart through it all.

Seven years of dance, excellence, and friendship has brought the team to where it has never imagined itself to be. Now with over 300+ members through the years, UPeepz passes on the legacy it was founded on to future members of the team.

This year, UPeepz is inviting all of you to support and watch HUPEEP 5: LEGACY, a fundraising dance concert on July 15, 2018, Sunday, 6PM, at the Henry Lee Irwin Theatre in ADMU.

Watching the concert and giving your support helps with sending the team to this year’s international competitions where the team’s legacy of excellence, passion, and Filipino talent lives on.

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