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This app lets you ‘wreck’ animated couples who look so sickeningly in-love

June 27th, 2018

For perpetually single people, nothing can be more irritating than seeing couples flaunt their romance on the streets, in the mall, or in the office. And as much as we want to tell them to “STOP THE PDA,”  they still manage to express their feelings in the most evident ways.

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So instead of expressing your frustration verbally (or maybe even, physically), you can now pretend to annihilate their love in this funny Japanese mobile game.

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Created by Goodia Inc., the game allows players to literally push and separate couples holding hands.

Players would simply swipe left or right to run through and break the couples’ hand holding. And the game ends when the player’s avatar fails to “destroy” a couple.

Photo Credit: Google Play

It’s a game that combines a person’s catlike reflexes with their hatred for romance. And it’s one that looks quite addicting to play based on this 4.7 rating on Google Play! 

Photo Credit: Google Play

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