Photo Credit: Bea Constantino/InqPOP!

Andy Grammer gives an intimate concert to his Filipino fans

June 18th, 2018
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Photo Credit: Bea Constantino/InqPOP!

From the small set-up held in Greenhills’ Music Museum, to close encounters with fans during the concert, multi-platinum selling pop artist Andy Grammer made sure that his first time performing in Manila is intimate and immersive.

It is not surprising for him to keep such a warm and humble atmosphere, since Grammer once started performing and selling CDs in the crowded streets of Los Angeles, California to being a global performer. “Having people sing my words in the Philippines is amazing for me,” he said in his concert.

Fans were up on their feet, dancing along to Grammer’s global smash hits like “Fresh Eyes,” “Honey, I’m Good,” and “Keep Your Head Up.”

‘Cause you gotta keep your head up, ooooh 🎶 #AndyGrammerMNL @WilbrosLive

— InqPOP! (@InqPOP) June 7, 2018

He also sang songs from his latest album, The Good Parts, like “Freeze,” “Smoke Clears,” and “Give Love.”

Giving love to all his Filipino people ❤️❤️❤️ #AndyGrammerMNL @WilbrosLive

— InqPOP! (@InqPOP) June 7, 2018

Andy Grammer ending the night by never leaving the good parts out ❤️ Thank you for tuning in guys! ☺️ #AndyGrammerMNL @WilbrosLive

— InqPOP! (@InqPOP) June 7, 2018

True to giving a personal performance for his fans, Grammer also performed his slam poetry, “My Father Does Not Care.” As a doting father of a 10-month-old daughter, Grammer shared songs that are inspired by his daughter like “Spaceship” as he shared anecdotes of his relationship with her. He then ended the night with a remarkable rendition of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” to which all of his audience sang along to.

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