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London Marathon runners struggle in 24C heat, confuses the rest of the world

April 27th, 2018

This year’s much-anticipated London Marathon saw more than 40,000 runners at St. James Park struggling amid a temperature 24.1C (75.3F), the hottest London Marathon on record.

According to BBC, the annual marathon set a previous record of 22.7C (72.8C) in 1996 and 22.6C (72.6F) in 2007 — when one runner died after collapsing during the race and 73 were hospitalized.

Runners were warned that this year could be hotter because of the heat absorbed by the roads and from other runners. Event director Hugh Brasher said organizers had to distribute four-and-a-half litres of water per person. It was more than any other highly participated event in the world but they still ran out of it at some point.

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Organizers also warned that the heat would be especially difficult for those who went with fancy dress. Almost 100 runners came in outfits such as a suit of armor, a Paddington Bear costume, and ski boots — attempting to enter the Guinness World Records.

The unusual heat resulted in some runners collapsing during the race and needing medical attention. A former Masterchef contestant, Matt Campbell, who was a keen marathon runner and previously finished the Manchester Marathon two weeks prior to the event, died after collapsing 36 kilometres into the race. The cause of his death is yet to be known according to organizers.

While many London locals struggled through the 24.1C temperature, those who are living from other parts of the world can’t seem to fathom how it could be the “hottest” for the Brits.

Many compared it as “room temperature” to them and even considered a cool summer temperature.

Others who are used to the blazing heat of the sun sends their “regards” in the most burning way possible.

Some came in defence of the Brits, saying that they aren’t used to the weather and “it’s dangerous heat for people who don’t experience it much.”

While the said temperature may be normal for others who experience mostly hot weather, it is unusual for the Brits who are used to winter and barely see the sun. Their reaction to heat may be “too much” for some but it shouldn’t be a debate whether the incident should be turned into a laughing matter or not when it seriously might’ve caused the death of someone.


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