LOOK: ‘Halo Brows’ is the latest eyebrow trend taking over 2018

March 20th, 2018

The internet is home to a plethora of crazy eyebrow trends. Earlier this 2018, we came across ‘Fishtail Brows’ — the eyebrow fad that made use of an eyebrow pencil and foundation to create a fin-like shape on the ends of the brows.

This March, a new eyebrow trend is taking over the internet and it’s called the ‘Halo Brows.’

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Hannah Lyne

Created by UK beauty blogger Hannah Lyne, Halo Brows was inspired by the design of Fishtail Brows. Lyne tells Popsugar,  “This look was influenced by fishtail brows; seeing the way my brow flicked upwards inspired the idea of just carrying the brow on until it met in the middle.”

Some online users called this trend the “reverse unibrow” while many others found the Halo Brows simply disturbing.

What kind of a make up trend is ‘halo brows’ im calling the police

— it's ℌÅℝℝⓎ BETCH (@Yikesss_1d) March 9, 2018

I saw a girl walking around wearing those “halo brows” oh no sweetie no

— Isaac (@YoDudeItsIsaac) March 9, 2018

#HaloBrows no seriously it looks like an upside down war of the worlds ships and an upside down ET long behind neck

— dandee_delvecchio (@dandee_daniel) March 8, 2018

Why can’t people just have normal brows, halo brow is now a thing like wtf

— Georgina (@_ginaprecious) March 8, 2018

ok ill admit those halo brows are really creative but they're also…..ugly

— luna ✨ (@cosmic_darling) March 8, 2018

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