Kim Kardashian West says she’s ‘obsessed with anime’ but otakus aren’t convinced

March 06th, 2018

American reality television personality Kim Kardashian West just shook the internet with her latest tweet.

I am obsessed with anime. That was legit my inspo https://t.co/l3wVdwGyeN

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 28, 2018

The tweet was a reply to a fan who pointed out that she looked like an anime character with her pink hair while sporting unreleased Yeezy Season 7 pieces.

YES she literally looks like an anime character with the pink hair and funky fits!

— Emma the Wicked Witch of Canada (@kimyonceee) February 28, 2018

This was after Kim teased everyone on Twitter with photos of her wearing new pieces from the Yeezy Season 7 while she was in Japan with her sisters.

Day one Airport vibes. pic.twitter.com/ETmbOTwGE1

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 28, 2018

Night out in Tokyo #SilverSurfer pic.twitter.com/LLTm5CcLS2

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 28, 2018

But Kim’s big reveal received mixed reviews. Most of which seemed to suggest that it was all just a marketing stunt to promote Yeezy Season 7. Some felt like it was patterned to Michael B. Jordan admitting that he is a huge anime fan last month on Twitter.

First of All I’m 6ft and they live with ME, put some respeck on my name. LOL…aaaand goku & naruto are real ones 🙌🏾 lol https://t.co/QspyHD2zwH

— Michael B. Jordan (@michaelb4jordan) February 23, 2018

So people on Twitter got a little savage with her apparent “obsession” with anime.

oh really kim? name your top 5 pic.twitter.com/5hGaSjVCkV

— steph (@adtr_steph) February 28, 2018

Kim Kardashian is like the girl who used to bully you in school for liking anime and then says shit like this because it's now popular. https://t.co/OnEBVPmXUt

— Noodle 🎮 (@SailorSlob) February 28, 2018

Watch everyone hop on the anime bandwagon like they been watching it for years

— blank (@zeninopennies) February 28, 2018

Anime is the new wave, BEEN the wave actually. Glad to see all these celebs coming out as weebs. 😂

— EcchiBoy (@EcchiBoy01) February 28, 2018

While others seemed to be thrilled about the whole idea.

PLEASE tell us Kanye made you watch Akira with him! 🏍 pic.twitter.com/jzVwt7jPQC

— Funimation (@FUNimation) February 28, 2018

That Utena hair tho. pic.twitter.com/iOU5yFnSAj

— VIZ (@VIZMedia) February 28, 2018


— TYLER (@sushispit) February 28, 2018

I swear you've been looking exactly like you walked out of an anime! Perfect hair for a trip to Tokyo, you a genius

— Emma the Wicked Witch of Canada (@kimyonceee) February 28, 2018

But if you’re still skeptical, Kim posted on Instagram that she her hair was inspired by Zero Two, from the anime Darling in the Franxx.

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My hair inspo

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