We all got emotional when this guy shared his ‘most unforgettable’ taxi experience

March 06th, 2018
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More than our own death, we probably fear the death of our loved ones the most. We all fear the day we’ll receive a phone call that will change our lives forever. And whether we are prepared for it or not, death comes in our life uninvited to claim its victims.

A casual trip en route to their office turned into an emotional experience for Rod Kevin Gonzales and his friend when their taxi driver received “the call” and told them that he couldn’t take them to their destination anymore.

Most unforgettable exp:
After receiving a call, nakiusap yung taxi driver ng sinasakyan namin ng friend ko na di na nya itutuloy yung trip.

Taxi Driver: pasensya na Sir. Wala na yung misis ko, bumyahe lang ako pandagdag sana sa pambayad sa ospital, pero di nya na ko naintay. 🙁

— James Red 👷‍♂️ (@ourdailyred_) March 4, 2018

According to his tweet, the driver informed them that he couldn’t continue with the trip after he got a call from a relative. The driver said that his wife who was in the hospital passed away and he just went out to earn more money to pay for the hospital bills. Sadly, she didn’t make it.

“That incident actually happened quite a long time ago… I was with my friend before and we were going to the office for our OJT. So we hailed the taxi inside UP, our office was located in Marikina. When we were on the way, someone called his phone,” Gonzales told InqPOP!.

He shared that the driver was very apologetic to them. They kept insisting that it was okay and that they understand his situation.

“He kept on saying sorry kahit okay lang naman talaga and we understand that he was already needed there. Pinipigil nyang di umiyak pero kita mo yung sakit.”

Gonzales and his friend didn’t know how to react at first since they were just having a casual conversation when the driver told them about the passing of his wife. They offered him their condolences, paid him, and gave him a little monetary help as they were just students back then.

That day remains to be Gonzales’ most unforgettable experience and he said he recently recalled it while he was on his way to church.

“Nakasakay din ako sa taxi thinking about struggles and life in general. Ang hirap maging adult e. And bigla ko naisip yung taxi driver na katabi ko if nahihirapan ba sya sa work nya or what. Then ayun, bigla ko naisip yung incident some years ago.”

Sometimes it really just happens. One day you’ll go out thinking it was just like any other day and receive that one phone call that changes everything. You’ll never be prepared to hear about the passing of a loved one even if you know what’s coming; even if you know why your phone might be ringing.

The truth is, the taxi driver could be any of us one day and we all know it’s going to hurt like hell. We’ll step on the brakes, halt for a moment, and stay out of the road for a while. But one day, hopefully, we’ll go on with our journey—no matter how difficult and challenging the road may be.

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