LOOK: Fishtail Brows is the latest bizarre beauty trend that’s shaking the internet

February 27th, 2018
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Eyebrow trends have dominated many, if not all of our social media platforms this past 2017. From the bizarre wavy brows to the eccentric feathered look,  we’ve seen almost every kind of eyebrow design made possible… that is, until now.

Introducing 2018’s first eyebrow trend — the Fishtail Brows!

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/@SkyzEditz

The trend originated from Instagrammer, @SkyzEditz who posted a photoshopped image of Beauty Blogger Hudan Kattan with mermaid-esque eyebrows.  

According to @SkyEditz, the infamous brow design was inspired by a contestant on the popular reality show, America’s Next Top Model.

“I noticed Rio Summers had a slit in her eyebrow with a tiny lift and thought that was interesting, so I then went onto Photoshop and played around with Huda [Kattan]’s eyebrows, extending the shape and increasing the gap,” he explains to People Magazine.

@SkyzEditz admits that initially, he wasn’t sure about naming his creation, ‘fishtail brows.’ He tells People, “I was debating whether to call it fishtail or horn brows due to the edit I did of @hailey_bui looking more devil-ish then fish-like!”

Ultimately, he decided on the name, fishtail brows instead.  

Since its upload, a number of netizens and beauty vloggers have tried and recreated the unusual beauty fad using concealers and eyebrow pencils.

Fishtail brows 🐠🐠
__@theBalmEU @thebalm liquid eyeliner @ABHcosmetics Dipbrow Ebony
More details on my Instagram – @ ie0 pic.twitter.com/83CHKxs8Hp

— Aya 👸🏻 (@makeupbyaya) February 26, 2018

Fishtail brows? I actually like it very much 😍 what are your thoughts?
⭐️ @hudabeauty DESERT DUSK PALETTE
⭐️ @ABHcosmetics brow pomade dark brown
For full product details check out my instagram!#HUDABEAUTY #AnastasiaBeverlyHills #fishtailbrows pic.twitter.com/MfgAdoOzTg

— MakeupbyReesh (@MakeupbyReesh) February 26, 2018

Tried the fishtail brows 😅 pic.twitter.com/n0tqa3Rfuk

— Suquana Jefferson (@Suquana) February 26, 2018

Fishtail Brows🐠💙 pic.twitter.com/0sI4qLJh86

— Anastasia Leatherman (@anastasialeathe) February 26, 2018

Look at my eyebrow omfg #fishtailbrows pic.twitter.com/rwcgb9Oc9f

— Ebony (@EbonyTheZombie) February 23, 2018

But not everyone is amused with the fishtail brow craze. Many found it ridiculous, absurd, and downright stupid.

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