This best argument about Sharon Cuneta choosing Kiko Pangilinan will make you believe in love

February 14th, 2018

By now, you may have already seen or heard the latest marketing stunt in the Philippines by a large fast-food chain, wherein they featured Megastar Sharon Cuneta “reminiscing” the good times with former husband and overall 80s heartthrob Gabby Concepcion.

Yup, they still look great. Also, nakakakilig nga.

The video drew cheers from long time (and even new) fans of this 80s love team, with people commenting how none of today’s so-called love teams can rival that of the longevity and fame Sharon and Gabby had in their hay days.

Tuwing ipinapakita #ShaGabLovesMcdo tvc napapatigil ako sa ginagawa anupaman yun 😊#SharonGabbyForever ❀

— πŸŒπŸ’ (@Fanneylang) February 13, 2018

@McDo_PH baka pwede next time Gabby-Sharon and Alden-Maine in one commercial. 😊 @mainedcm @aldenrichards02 pic.twitter.com/6KAsXBSFme

— Snow Angel (@nolespedido) February 9, 2018

My sharon-gabby heart is so happy even if they did not end up together forever. Gone are the days of crying.. I still wish for a movie for them though. After them ALDUB/MAICHARD FOREVER. #ALDUB134thWeeksary

— marichu zarate (@ichu2000) February 9, 2018

@McDo_PH hit the jackpot by getting Sharon & Gabby as their latest endorsers. Ang dami nyong pinasaya. #ShaGabLovesMcDo #SharonCuneta #GabbyConcepcion pic.twitter.com/7Vh0vthcXO

— maloulay_e (@itsmitsu) February 9, 2018

It was expected that people would be digging up the real story behind Sharon and Gabby: about why it didn’t work out for the couple, who else became linked to Shawie, and why the Megastar ended up with Kiko Pangilinan. It even created a much-hyped thread on Facebook where people just went all out with speculations and opinions, with the surprising twist that Sharon Cuneta was answering some of the questions herself, posing as April Mondragon.

Thanks to the McDo Gabby Sharon ad, I am now obsessively researching about Sharon's past loves LOL. I was too young to…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Friday, February 9, 2018

Of course, being the swamp that the internet is, some ruthless comments about Kiko Pangilinan being a poor choice for Shawie began to emerge:

@kikopangilinan kung si Gabby Concepcion pala amg dating asawa ni Sharon Cuneta so ang gwapo pala ng asawa nya dati e no. E anong nangyari sa asawa ni sharon ngayon na si Mang Kiko. Bakit ang panget mukhang matsing? Ginayuma lang ata ni kiko si sharo e. Kase parang mag ama lang

— Francis Ian Quizon Meneses (@francisianqm) February 11, 2018

Lord Jesus Christ. ‘Tis the season of judgment.

However, on February 11, Twitter user Jays (@jaesoon) mic-dropped all the Kiko-Shawie naysayers with a well thought-out argument that, when dissected carefully, actually made so much sense: Kiko Pangilinan IS Sharon Cuneta’s home.

You can all say sayang ang love story ni Mega, but remember: Robin and Gabby cheated on Sharon. Richard took the easy way out.

And Kiko? The one you call boring? He stayed. He was loyal. He never cheated.

Robin was bliss, but Kiko is home. I will choose home every time.

— Jays (@jaesoon) February 11, 2018

Triggered ang Sharonian self ko ha. Wait lang, @kikopangilinan. I gotchu.

— Jays (@jaesoon) February 11, 2018

Jays went on to enumerate every single thing that was exceptional about Kiko Pangilinan in a now viral Twitter thread:

Una sa lahat, excuse me, the silverfox triumphs over the pa-bagets any day. Fight me. pic.twitter.com/k4Tfv0uR5F

— Jays (@jaesoon) February 11, 2018

And for all her bad decisions because of her youth and foolishness with love, wasn't Kiko the stable rock that accepted her flaws and loved them? Wasn't he the father to KC and treated her as his own? pic.twitter.com/1CDvAAhcmk

— Jays (@jaesoon) February 11, 2018

Kita niyo ba pano magsulat si Kiko tungkol sa mga anak niya?!

"With my eldest and my youngest!"

He was referring to KC and Miguel. Unrelated by blood, but forged by something stronger – Choice. Love.

Tangina pls. pic.twitter.com/tXg6UNg0IQ

— Jays (@jaesoon) February 11, 2018

His Twitter thread has since generated 36,000 likes and 8,000 retweets. More importantly, it’s making us believe in the idea that there’s a true love for each and every one of us.

We really have to stop romanticizing the bad boy. 2018 should be the year of the good guys. The ones who stay. The ones who sees all of our flaws and not hold it against us but love us even more because of them. @kikopangilinan is the true MVP here.

— Aly Morales (@AlyannaMorales) February 12, 2018

The only point that should stop all arguments is this:

Tanggap ni Kiko si KC at tinuring na tunay na anak. Dun palang, fam, panalo na si @kikopangilinan over the others. This isnt about him being Dilawan and all that shit. For a mom, ang pinaka importante natanggap ung anak mo.

— Gillian Hero (@hero_angel17) February 12, 2018

Finally someone said it! I’m so fed up with all this posts pushing all these bad boys to Sharon & disrespecting Kiko by calling him Kokey & giving him threats about one of these days 1 of the pasts might come back πŸ™„πŸ™„

— Jemelaaay (@heyitsjemeli) February 12, 2018

Naiyak ako @jaesoon! 😒 Thank you for this. ☺️
Sen. @kikopangilinan has a good heart and he's very intelligent. Admirable si Sen. even during his UP days pa, walang ipinagbago. He has my outmost respect. ❀️#TeamShaKiko

— seb9YSπŸ•Š (@seb9_ys) February 12, 2018

So there. Now achieve to be someone’s Kiko in a world full of Robins and Gabbys.


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