‘Dad Of The Year’ contender Will Smith spoofs son Jaden Smith’s music video

February 12th, 2018

This is how Will Smith shows his pride for his son, Jaden Smith. Jaden, who’s barely left his teenage years, has become successful in acting, singing, rapping, and giving out spaced out profound tweets for all of his fans to consume. Jaden, who, for the most part of his career, has concentrated on making movies, has now full-on ventured into creating hits in the music scene. And it is in his ground-breaking single Icon that dad Will Smith found a piece to play with to troll show his support for his son.

Here you go with Will Smith’s brand of dad joke:

Here’s the original video for Jaden Smith’s Icon single:

Super adorable.

Jaden Smith’s video has racked up an impressive 47,288,188 views on Youtube as of press time.

Guess Will Smith ain’t the Fresh Prince of Bel-air for nothing!



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