Some people aren’t happy Ed Sheeran won at this year’s Grammys

January 30th, 2018
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Ed Sheeran won two awards at this year’s Grammys, namely: Best Pop Vocal Album for his album Divide and Best Pop Solo Performance for his song Shape of You. For the Best Pop Solo Performance award, the singer was up against Kelly Clarkson (for Love So Soft), Kesha (for Praying), Lady Gaga (for Million Reasons), and P!nk (for What About Us).

It was reported that there were “sounds of disappointment with slight boos from the audience” when it was announced that Sheeran won the Best Pop Solo Performance category. The singer, however, wasn’t present to receive the award or hear the disappointed reactions from the crowd.

Ed Sheeran posted a photo of his cat on Instagram along with his thank you message when he found out about the news:

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Woke up to the news I won two grammys last night. Thank you ! This little fluff-ball is doing a bit of a celebratory dance, lots of love to everyone xx

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A lot of people on Twitter were unhappy that Sheeran won over the other nominees, especially because the other nominated songs were about becoming stronger in the face of adversary while Shape of You is about a woman’s body:

Kesha really did go through hell and back to release Praying and get nominated for a Grammy, only to lose to an Ed Sheeran song about how he likes a woman's body over a Sia sample #GRAMMYs

— greedyforari (@greedyforari22) January 29, 2018

Ed Sheeran literally SAMPLED Sia’s Cheap Thrills (a song she previously lost a Grammy for), didn’t even have THE RESPECT to attend the ceremony, and FUCKING WON TWO GRAMMYS OVER WAY MORE RESPECTED ARTISTS. What a fucking outrage. What a colossal disappointment.

— Monster Reactions (@LMonsterReacts) January 29, 2018

Kesha’s: was raped and abused by her boss, FINALLY is able to put out an album reflecting her traumas
Lana: puts out an album with genre-defying feature choices
Ed sheeran: I love ur body girl😍 *bing bong* U r so fineee 🤭 lets fuckk💦

Grammys: I think we have a winner😏

— (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ (@hayleyforyou) January 29, 2018

Ed Sheeran won a Grammy. Talent never wins. And I know one thing, miss Kesha and Gaga deserved those Grammys because they tried something new, they created Art, they had difficlult times with their careers and lifes but still managed to give us Masterpiece. #Grammys

— George Witness🎲 (@KatysLLover) January 28, 2018

Logic singing about suicde losing to Bruno Mars singing about sex and women and Kesha singing about surviving and moving forward losing to Ed Sheeran singing about the shape of someone's body just goes to show how stupid the Grammys are

— ‏ً (@haIescabello) January 29, 2018

It’s ok to be white.
It’s ok to be black.
It’s ok to be asian.
It’s ok to be hispanic.
It’s ok to be female.
It’s ok to be male.
It’s ok to be gay.
It’s ok to be straight.
It’s ok to be YOU.

But it's NEVER okay for Ed Sheeran to win a #GRAMMYs over Lana Del Rey

— cammie. (@theblxckestday) January 28, 2018

My son is confused about why Ed Sheeran won for a song that says "I'm in love with your body" when women are speaking out about being objectified and I honestly don't know what to tell him.

— Jen Chaney (@chaneyj) January 29, 2018


— Monster Reactions (@LMonsterReacts) January 28, 2018

lol Ed Sheeran the one dude in a category with 4 iconic women and he wins and doesn't show up. Music industry in a nutshell.

— Luke O'Neil (@lukeoneil47) January 29, 2018

Of course, fans came to his rescue:

I’m sorry you don’t think Ed Sheeran is pretty enough to have won the Grammys he got last night.

I’m also sorry that he didn’t address every single problem on planet earth in his album because god forbid he make an album about love in attempts to make us happy for 2 seconds.

— Felix Arvid Ulf (@felixarvidulffs) January 29, 2018

I love how people are attacking Ed Sheeran looks, personality and music for winning an award. You should be trashing the Grammys for being unfair and going with bigger hits, not making fun of a dude for just doing what he loves

— mj 🍒 (@kingdomdxmi) January 30, 2018

yo everyone who has a problem with ed sheeran winning 2 grammys imma fight every single one of y’all. he is so pure he doesnt deserve this kind of negativity

— dina (@irdinasophea) January 30, 2018

People going off on Ed Sheeran need to SIT down. He won two freakin Grammys. Why? Because he’s talented and relevant to this century (sorry Kesha and lady Gaga)

— Caroline Allen (@carolinea11en) January 30, 2018

It’s almost like a song isn’t just about the lyrics, but the production too.. Also, considering Bruno & Ed Sheeran’s songs were considerably more popular than the other nominees, it makes sense why they won… You can’t blame the Grammys for what more people choose to listen to.

— Kimmi 💕 (@KimmiSmiles) January 30, 2018

I’m honestly tired of seeing people drag Ed Sheeran for the Grammys. I think all of the nominees are fantastic but the winning is not based off of back story or what someone has gone through. You don’t have to agree with who won, but he still earned it.

— Carly Jean (@CarlyJC_) January 30, 2018

Imagine being angry that Ed Sheeran won a Grammy and making personal attacks about him on Twitter for it. Even though it would make more sense to be mad at the Grammys.

— Amber (@Cicabeot1) January 30, 2018


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