Beer drinkers in New Zealand town rebel against alcohol ban by building their own autonomous island

January 04th, 2018

What a way to kickstart 2018.

In the coastal town of Coromandel, New Zealand, an alcohol ban was implemented by the local government to curb excessive drinking during the New Year’s celebrations.

But being the scheming, beer-drinking humans that we all are, some have resorted to finding a workaround to the alcohol ban on New Year’s eve, and a group of friends found exactly just that–the best solution to still being able to chug beer while *technically* not violating any laws.

The group, seen in the photo below, built a sand fort in the sea during low tide on New Year’s eve and claimed that since the “tiny island” was in “international waters”, they were exempted from the alcohol ban. The island was only big enough to hold a table and a drink cooler. But of course, like any short-termed plans aimed primarily at circumventing laws, the island idea soon fell apart–as the tide went high again. However, the clever stunt earned the respect of the police department, with Inspector John Kelly saying it was creative and that he would have joined them had he known about it, per reports obtained by Indy100 and Stuff New Zealand.


Violation to the liquor ban could bring each rebel reveler up to $250 in fines each, but guess they were successful in not breaking the law.

Like they say–“beer is life.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




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