People on Twitter share hilarious “comeback” for questions about their college majors

December 26th, 2017

‘Tis the season for reunions and awkward conversations with relatives you see almost once a year. In Filipino family reunions, we all have that one Tita who’s always curious about certain things in our lives and always have those “typical family reunion questions” ready for us.

Over the holidays, people on Twitter share conversations about their college course/major and you might find these useful when your Tita Baby or Tito Jun ask you the same question when you see them.

Some of them had the perfect “comeback” or “plot twist” when they were asked what their college course is.

"What's your major?"
"English po"
"Ay nahihiya na tuloy ako mag-Engli–"

— HALSEY TAULAVA (@keiakamatsu) December 24, 2017

"what's your college?"
"fine arts po"
"ay, pwede mo ba ako i-drawing?"
"hindi, ako 'yung ginuguhit."#2017plottwist https://t.co/3E0PaA8iTu

— Ferris Navidad-Bueller (@SalomeSalvi) December 24, 2017

“ano course mo?”
“ah magt-tour guide ka?”
“ay hindi. ako yung tourist spot.” https://t.co/YPvFs10J8q

— january danielle (@warysanchhh) December 24, 2017

“ano course mo?”
“Culinary arts”
“ah so masarap ka magluto?”
“ay hindi. ako yung masarap” https://t.co/YdOThjHqyN

— LA (@lazabarte) December 24, 2017

"What's your major"
"Aren’t you too short to become a flight attendant tho"

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL 🙃🙃🙃 https://t.co/yqyiuhAceu

— Jo(e) (@JoBadong) December 24, 2017

Others were just left speechless at how little other people know about their majors and the common misconceptions people attach to it.

"What's your major"

"Pharmacy po"

"Ayon. Para saan tong gamot ko? So sa mercury ka ba nagttrabaho"


— michael (@foundmekmek) December 24, 2017

"What's your major"
"Agricultural Biotechnolgy"
"So magsasaka ka"
"-.-" https://t.co/JuObTZUvTK

— Luigi ImPacho (@ImjanTyronejan) December 24, 2017

"What's your major"
"Chemical Engineering."
"So kabisado mo periodic table?"

chos. https://t.co/FieMShrZRE

— gab lerona (@GabroxylicAcid) December 24, 2017

"What's your major"
"sagutan mo nga to 9878×8736-61883/97.34"
"-.-" https://t.co/6opKGnpQPK

— END STATE FASCISM! (@patrickjosefdc) December 24, 2017

"What's your major"
"So you can do the splits and stuff?" https://t.co/LyW1rMOs1d

— lys (@alyssa__simpson) December 1, 2017

Some were just done with it. (Yup, not having any of it, Tita Susan.)

“What’s your major”
“What am I thinking?”
“Stop” https://t.co/VAFciyIkjW

— abbs (@abbie_teel) December 2, 2017

"What's your major"
"Can I be in your movie?"
"No" https://t.co/MLMSyjPhtr

— MJ (@morganisawizard) December 1, 2017

“What’s your major”
“What can you do with that?”
“I have no idea” https://t.co/12fzcTsxnJ

— Sienna🌻 (@sienknox) December 1, 2017

"What's your major"
"Athletic Training"
"So you work out a lot"
"Literally never" https://t.co/5j07eUIKN2

— Han (@Hannah_Adkins3) November 29, 2017

“Whats your major”
“Oh boy”
*silence* https://t.co/Ra83Rl3SwA

— sydney (@slbeckerr12) November 28, 2017

And it’s a whole different story when you have to explain what your course or your job is about.

“What’s your major”
“Visual communication design”
“What’s that”
“Graphic design”
“What’s that”
“Goodbye” https://t.co/ZJFjTgxJUn

— Christmas Spooky Hertel (@Sydni_Hertel) November 28, 2017


*slowly turns away to end the conversation*

via Giphy

“Kain na lang tayo ng fruit salad, Tita. Hehe”

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