This guy was denied entry from school premises because of his ‘fraternity shirt’

December 18th, 2017
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We all have that moment when other people don’t get our pop culture references. And sometimes, we end up being lost for words for having the need to explain it or regret that we even bothered mentioning it anyway.

Twitter user Xander Marcelino (@xmrcln) shared how he was denied entry from school premises after a security guard thought that he was violating a school rule with his “fraternity shirt.”

*School scenario*

Kuya guard: Sir good afternoon po, may extra shirt po ba kayo?

Me: why po kuya?

Kuya guard: Bawal po kasi yang shirt nyo, bawal po mag promote ng fraternity sa school premises. Palit nalang po kayo or else lalabas po kayo

I shit you not..

— xander (@xmrcln) December 11, 2017

According to his tweet, the security guard told him that wearing a shirt that promotes a fraternity is prohibited and suggested him to just change his shirt or turn it inside out.

The funny thing is, he was actually wearing an “Oozma Kappa” shirt with cartoon characters Sulley and Mike Wazowski from the animated film “Monsters University.” In the film, Oozma Kappa (often shortened as OK), is one of the six fraternities in Monsters University with members: Mike Wazowski (captain), James P. Sullivan, Terri and Terry Perry, Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, Art, and Don Carlton (president).

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Xander told InqPOP! that he was already inside the school when the guard confronted him. He tried to explain that it wasn’t a real fraternity shirt but the guard insisted that he should just change his shirt or he leave the school premises. To no longer prolong the conversation, he decided to just leave after finishing what he needed to do in school and since the guard didn’t seem to know the movie anyway.

Guess he just wore the wrong shirt that day and passed by the wrong people. Or maybe he should invite the guard to go and see “Monsters University.” You know, for his reference.

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