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WATCH: This woman is so obsessed with the color pink that she’s living in it

December 05th, 2017

Everyone has a favorite color. Whether it’d be the soothing shade of blue or the striking color of crimson, every person has a preferred hue that they’d like to see in the things they use regularly. But there are some cases wherein a person’s fixation on color turns into obsession. This is exactly what happened to Kitten Kay Sera.

Via The New York Post

At the age of 20, Sera couldn’t get enough of the color pink. Because of this, Sera has fashioned her house, her outfits and her lifestyle to revolve around the rosy color. “[Wearing pink on my 20th birthday] made me feel something. It touched my soul. It gave me everything I needed. And from then on, I just wanted to drown in pink, so to speak. And that’s what I’ve done,” Sera explains in an interview with the New York Post.

For 36 years, she’s been living the pink adventure. Today, many Californians dub her as the “Pink Lady of Hollywood” and it’s a title she fully embraces. “I see the Pink Lady of Hollywood everywhere. I see it in the lights. I see it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” Sera tells the New York Post.  

Though many snicker at her decision to “live pink,” she sincerely hopes her story encourages everyone to explore their artistry and feel free to express who they are.

Watch the Pink Lady of Hollywood candidly express her love for the color in this video:   

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