A Twitter employee deactivated Trump’s account and people want more

November 03rd, 2017
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Earlier today, a Twitter employee deactivated Donald Trump’s twitter account, rendering the president unable to tweet and complain about fake news for a solid 11 minutes. Here’s the announcement from @TwitterGov:

After they conducted an investigation into the matter, Twitter found out that the account was deactivated by a customer support employee who is on his/her last day at work.

Naturally, a lot of people tweeted about the incident with one message: let it happen again.

Some people expressed their desire to reward the employee:

There were some who questioned how come this kind of thing never happened to Barack Obama, but was shut down with the truth:

Some people argued that Trump’s account should indeed be terminated because he habitually violates Twitter’s Terms of Service.

Trump has used his account to tweet out threats of nuclear war, call for the death of a person, and to declare false facts and accusations against his critics. People have argued time and time again that all these are clear violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service, but the company has responded to these allegations saying that they are allowable on the platform.


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