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Hit Korean Manhwa We’re Hoping To See On Screen

August 02nd, 2017
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Submitted by: Sidney Aquino


If Japan’s version of comics is called, “manga,” Korea refer to it as “manhwa” or webtoons that are one of the latest trends in Asia these days.

And just as how a Japanese manga is adapted to be an anime series or live action movie to see your favorite manga characters alive and kicking, there are already many Korean manhwa or webtoons transformed in your television like Cheese In The Trap, Scholar Who Walks The Night, Let’s Fight Ghost, Orange Marmalade and the most recent one which is still currently airing right now, The Bride of the Water God.

Well if you are a fan of Korean manhwa who love to read webtoons, then you probably want to see your favorite manhwa as a Korean Drama if it hasn’t been aired yet. Here is a set of hit Korean manhwa which you are most likely rooting for to see on screen.



Courtesy of Massstar

This isn’t your typical vampire story. You might not even initially thought of it as a vampire story because it doesn’t look quite like it at first unless you have been spoiled or read the synopsis. Vampires have evolved from their usual appetite. They no longer feed on human’s blood. Rather, they rely on physical contact to absorb their prey’s energy as their source of life.

Aren’t you hoping to see the dazzling model, Sia Lee, getting all clingy in flesh? Especially our best looking “chicken,” Jiho and his hilarious OCD habits in reality as he tries so hard to get away from her touch in the beginning? Don’t you want to watch this romantic scene below in your television screen?

Courtesy of Massstar



Courtesy of Park Tae Joon

The cycle of bullying, many of us in real life can surely relate from it, right? It’s not a new issue anymore. Well the title itself speaks of discrimination. Lookism describes human prejudice based on physical appearance and standard of beauty. And this manga has an interesting premise to tackle it. Sudden transformations are so overrated, aren’t they? How about having two bodies where you can see the world from two perspectives?

Have you already imagined how Park Hyung Sik switch bodies from his usual unattractive and overweight self as well as a gorgeous head turner in real life? The idea is surely exciting to watch.

Courtesy of Park Tae Joon


Girls of the Wild’s

Courtesy of Hun & Zhena

We have seen a lot of girl protagonists pretending to be guys in an all-boy school. It’s actually pretty common and considered cliche already.

But what if it’s the other way around? And the girls around are seemingly champion athletes and fighters trying hard to be an average maiden. Just how cool and crazy could it be in reality? Wouldn’t it be so much fun to watch on screen? How would a real version of Jaegu Song train martial arts and cope up with bullies and gangsters at the same time?

Courtesy of Hun & Zhena


Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

Courtesy of Yun Hyun Seok

Good for nothing Dongtae was at the bottom of everything but after becoming a Dicer, he went beyond a transformation. He was reborn. But things don’t turn out just the way he wanted to. He got more than what he bargained for. How intense would it be in reality? You think you can take it?

It’s not enough to just imagine the world after Dongtae obtains a certain dice which turned his whole world upside down. It would surely be a hell of ride on screen.

Courtesy of Yun Hyun Seok

So do you think this set of Korean manhwa deserves to have a drama adaptation? Or are there more? Who do you want to appear as the characters?

Well, good things come to those who wait. For now, let’s hope for the best and patiently wait for it.

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