How familiar are Filipino millenials with old school OPM?

June 08th, 2017

OPM has captured the hearts and LSS-ridden minds of Filipinos through generations. It always had a very unique and special way of transforming the thoughts and emotions of the people into a melody that would evoke nostalgia. The power of connectedness that OPM has defies time but it is without a doubt a reflection of the experiences of the youth as it is serves as one of their mainstream outlets to express their inner musings.

In the 1990s to early 2000s, everyone craved for different versions of kilig, astig and heartbreak encapsulated in the most LSS-worthy tunes. The youth would know Rivermaya’s Kisapmata and Ehead’s With a Smile by heart as if the songs played on a never-ending loop in the background of their lives.

Now in 2017, OPM has experienced numerous drastic changes–in the influences that shape it, in the new faces that have debuted on the scene, and most especially in the way it is consumed. Change is constant yet it is embraced, because with change comes new melodies to hum, new stories to sing, and new beats to dance to and the Filipinos are far from having their full of the wonders of music. From the rock and alternative beats to this era’s electronic and chill vibes, OPM translates to the musical preferences and personality of today’s young generation. It serves as a special time capsule to preserve all the precious moments of youth.

With that, let’s see how well you remember these classic OPM tracks!

By:Katrina Manalese

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