A mom posts this picture of a boy eating alone to remind parents to spend time with their kids

June 07th, 2017

Most parents are prepared to make sacrifices in life to provide their children with the best. While most succeed in giving the material things their children want, sometimes they forget what their kids need the most—them.

A Facebook post by Marie Vargas sparked discussion on how parents should still spend time with their children despite their busy lives when she posted a picture of a six year-old “sweet beautiful little boy” eating alone in a fast food chain before he heads off to school.

As I just finished dropping my son off at school and walk into burger King to get some breakfast I see this… this…

Marie Vargas 发布于 2017年6月1日

“I asked him if he was by himself and he said he was just here alone waiting for school to start and finish his pancakes. I asked him if I could sit with him, and keep him company he said yes,” Marie wrote in her post.

She was hesitant at first because she “…didn’t want to come off like some type of predator.” But for some reason, she couldn’t stand seeing the boy eating alone so she walked over and asked if she could sit with him.

“When I saw that little boy eating alone I remember feeling the exact same way when I was a child. I never ate with family at a table or ever had anyone pay attention to me. I felt for some reason like I HAD to speak to him,” Marie told InqPOP!

via Marie Vargas

According to Marie, the boy named Jason said that his mom works at night and he eats pancake at the fast food chain before walking to school everyday. He said he was sad because his older siblings would always ditch him, so he’s by himself.

Some people called Marie out for sitting with the boy, saying that as a stranger, it’s totally “creepy.” However others were more worried that if Marie didn’t sit with Jason, someone else with bad intentions might have.

Marie pointed out in her post that sometimes, in their pursuit to provide a better life for their children, parents may forget that what they need is also them—their time, attention, and presence. “Nothing you ever buy can amount to the memories and bond you make spending time with your children,” she said.

Kids wouldn’t stay young—they’ll outgrow all the clothes you bought them, and get bored with their toys as they grow older. But the memories they’ve had with you when they were kids, they’ll take that for the rest of their lives.

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