After 19 years, Geri Halliwell says “sorry” for leaving the Spice Girls

June 05th, 2017

Geri Halliwell (now known as Geri Horner), responds to a tweet about the 19th anniversary of her departure from the well-loved British pop group Spice Girls, saying she’s “…sorry about that.”

I'm sorry about that …💔, everything works out in the end 🌈 , that's what my mum says! X https://t.co/uJF2Ou8mOp

— Geri Horner (@GeriHalliwell) May 31, 2017

Spice Girls spiced up the world in the ‘90s, dominating the charts and stages across the globe. This is why many Spice Girls fans were devastated when Halliwell, popularly known as “Ginger Spice,” left the group during the peak of their success, and in the middle of their world tour in 1998. This led to the group’s hiatus in 2000 when members went their separate ways and focused on their solo careers.

In an interview, Halliwell explained that she was planning to leave the group after the end of their tour, so it was actually no surprise that she was leaving. However, when she was asked to do an interview about breast cancer (since she had a breast cancer scare as a teenager), she wasn’t allowed to do so and it made her decide to leave the group in the middle of their tour.

But the Spice Girls continued to spice up our lives when they reunited in 2007 with Ginger Spice back in the group. They also performed at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics.

Spice Girls may not have made it last forever as a group, but surely, their friendship never ends.

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