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Some of the men who exhibit ‘Green Flag’ characteristics in pop culture

There are characters in Movies or Television that you like on-screen but you’ll hate in real life. But not these guys, these are the men who exhibit ‘Green Flag’ characteristics in Popular culture.

Note: This list is definitely not limited to these guys. 

1. Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother)

Green Flag


We all know that the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother was all about Ted and his crusade to find the ‘One’. But Big Fudge (One of his many nicknames) is definitely one the reasons why we all love the series.

Marshall Ericksen has a polite, loving, caring, confident and sometimes extremely emotional personality that hooked many viewers to his character. His moral compass as big as he is, Marshall wants to save the world by being an environmental lawyer. But despite being a lawyer, who is supposed to be all serious and grown up, Marshall has a heart of a child that can be both funny and annoying.

But the main reason he makes this list is that he is what a great husband should be. He is too afraid to cheat on Lily (His wife) and he would do anything for his children.

Green Flag

In the series, he has never cheated. And also unlike many men, both in real life and in pop culture, Marshall Eriksen is not insecure with his role as a husband. He doesn’t mind doing chores and showing emotions. 

He’s not perfect, and in the series, he’s had some bad choices made. But he almost always realizes when he is wrong and makes sure to correct it. 

Marshmallow (another nickname for him) always stands up not only to his family but also for his friends. He’s that big brother all of them needed.


2. Chidi Anagonye (The Good Place) 

Green Flag

Oh, Chidi.

Chidi is easily the heart and soul of the gang from the Good Place. 

Out of the four Humans that were ‘tortured’ by Michael, Chidi has the most ironic reason why he was picked. However, he is still a good person despite his massive decision-making issues. 

Chidi Aganonye was an Ethics and Moral Philosophy professor during his life on earth, and he made a good effort to make his life ethical and good even in the afterlife. He is in an endless pursuit of finding out what is ‘right’. He never compromises his principles, and Chidi will always fight for what is right.

Green Flag

He is an interesting character, but it is really when he tries to help Eleanor Shellstrop and the rest of the gang become morally bound that really wins him with The Good Place viewers. And despite being rebooted hundreds of times, his knack for helping others is much stronger than a torturing demon. He is definitely a guy you want to be with when you have to go through Jeremy Bearimy.


3. Jake Peralta (Brooklyn 99) 

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

Ah, of course, the childish yet greatest detective of the 99th precinct. Jake Peralta is undeniably a green flag.  

He is immature, childish and will base some of his plans from the movie Die Hard, yes, but he has a good moral compass which makes him the best detectivein the 99th precinct. Jake Peralta’s childhood was terrible, so he’s vowed to protect his mom, which is the reason why he joined the force. His innate desire to solve puzzles makes him a good policeman, and he also likes to make the city a little safer, one crime-solving at a time. 

Jake might be immature but he is not toxic, he has always been self aware specially with his female co-workers. He is nice to everyone, regardless of their race or orientation.

But perhaps the thing that men could learn from Jake is how to be a great boyfriend. He is a great example of how to handle a career-driven and goal-oriented girlfriend, Amy. Jake is never insecure about their careers despite being in the same field. He never let Amy be sidelined just because she was pregnant, he even made the greatest sacrifice of all, leaving the 99 to watch over Mac. 

Jake might be childish, but throughout the series he is the man. 


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