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Dream job unlocked: Chinese firm is paying people for a “sleeping job”

March 20th, 2017

The only job where you’ll get paid for sleeping.

Sleeping can be a luxury these days especially for people who work long shifts, graveyard hours, and those who are simply too busy to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you are good at sleeping or are in desperate need of one, this, ahem, “dream job” would put your sleepy head to rest.

Chinese health-supplement firm Nao Baijin is offering people 100,000 Yuan — that’s P725,000 a year or P60,500 per month — to be a professional sleeper. Because what better motivation is there to sleep tight than to get paid for doing it, right?

Dubbed “the world’s most comfortable job” by Chinese netizens, the Strait Times reported that the job aims to test the company’s supplements. People who will land the job will mimic the sleeping patterns of workers in different industries, and provide a comprehensive report on how the supplements affect sleep quality.


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