17 things we all felt after watching the Sherlock Season 4 premiere

January 05th, 2017
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via Tumblr

After 3 years, the game is on again as Sherlock’s fourth season promises to deliver more mind-blowing episodes filled with shocking twists and revelations.

BBC’s TV adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is back at it after a long hiatus, following season three which aired in 2014 and a special episode last year. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), John Watson (Martin Freeman), and the whole squad made us ride a rollercoaster of emotions again with the new episode called “The Six Thatchers.”

1. All Sherlock fans when BBC announced Sherlock’s return on January 1:

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via Tumblr

Sherlock came back with a bang for New Year and fans were excited for the new episode!


2. After the long wait, the game is officially on again.

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via Giphy

Sherlock fans indeed are the most patient fandom!


3. While watching the season premiere, everyone was like: “Oh, what a year to be alive! Happy New Year, indeed!”

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via Giphy


4. Some couldn’t even contain their emotions!

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Well, who could when we’ve waited 3 years for this?


5. The first part of the episode were all cute and fluffy scenes with Mary (Amanda Abbington) giving birth to Rosamund or Rosie as we call her.

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6. Sherlock trying to discipline little Watson is the cutest thing!



7. Mycroft though, proved to be our spirit animal.

Mycroft is my spirit animal. #Sherlock pic.twitter.com/Kizn7BwfRw

— Antonella (@antoverthinking) January 1, 2017


8. After the bright and sunshiney scenes which seemed to be the calm before the storm, everything went dark real quick.

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via Tumblr


9. Seriously, this was all of us.

Me trying to figure out what the HECK happened tonight #Sherlock pic.twitter.com/F1ge2fNdg4

— Sarah Carpenter (@SariCarpenter) January 2, 2017

Can’t. Even.


10. The whole Sherlock fandom seriously just lost it after watching the new episode.

The rest of the world opening Twitter and seeing the #Sherlock fandom right now… pic.twitter.com/Q3GSsHpct2

— Jessie150 (@Jesssie150) January 2, 2017


11. There are two kinds of people who watched the first episode of Sherlock Season 4…

THE REACTION OF THE FANDOM SUMMED UP IN ONE PIC. #Sherlock #SherlockReacts pic.twitter.com/qUhbaI53Ho

— lichtblickpink (@lichtblickpink) January 2, 2017

…one who is definitely triggered and another who’s simply just shookt.


12. With how the episode ended, everyone was left in shock.


— Kristin (@runfastforfatm) January 2, 2017

It would make you think if the curse of 2016 has carried over to 2017.


13. This perfectly sums it all:

Right in the feels #Sherlock pic.twitter.com/RYagfVh2iP

— andrea (@cullen_andrea) January 2, 2017


14. We can’t wait for the next episode but we’re also kinda scared.

"Ruin you forever" #nohope #Sherlock pic.twitter.com/kSwmocQpKq

— Geraldine Carr (@GeriCarr) January 4, 2017


15. To some, the premiere episode of Sherlock this season may not be its best; but with the upcoming second episode, fans are expecting to be in one hell of an epic surprising turn of events.

#Sherlock Episode 2 trailler
"The lying detective" pic.twitter.com/bxShpJbzue

— SherlockDaily (@SherlockDaily_) January 2, 2017

“It’s not a game anymore.”


16. And no matter how dark and painful the first episode was, we know we’re ready for more.

#Sherlock fandom: Oh god Oh god Oh god the pain

*5 minutes later* pic.twitter.com/WPdgU3ze4S

— Question Everything (@SaucyScribe) January 2, 2017


17. The waiting game, fam, is on!

The #Sherlock fandom until next week's episode: pic.twitter.com/lO1uxC8tdS

— ❅kyungsooperman❅ (@ultjeffreyy) January 1, 2017

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