Filipina Teen Kriesha Tiu joins K-Pop Star 6 to be a next K-pop Idol

December 06th, 2016
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Kriesha Tiu, a 17 year-old Filipino-American girl, challenged to be the next K-pop Idol.

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She introduced herself vibrantly by singing “Mr. Chu,” which sounds similar with her sir name “Tiu.” After getting attention from the judges, Kriesha began to sing “I don’t love you” by Urban Zakapa in Korean. Moreover, she danced powerfully.

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After watching all the performance, all the judges could not repress their astonishment.

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Yang Hyeon Seok, CEO of YG Entertainment, said that he wanted to bring her to his agency right away.

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Watch how Kiresha performed in K-Pop Star on:


K-Pop Star is an audition program where ordinary people with a passion for music can attend. There are three judges: Yu Hui Yeol, Park Jin Young, and Yang Hyun Suk. Through this program, they can challenge their music skills, compete with others, and flaunt their singing skills.

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