8 signs you belong to this ‘Hugot’ generation

June 30th, 2016

All aboard the feels and hugot train.

You probably always see or encounter a lot of people these days relate random things to all aspects of their lives — the romance department in particular. They’ll hear or read something — a quote, a song, a movie…just about anything — and go on full-blast hugot mode. If life is a hugot contest, they’re definitely winning it.

So if you often find yourself eating your feelings for breakfast and sleeping on a bed full of emotions, hop aboard the choo-choo train of feels! You just might belong to this so-called hugot generation.


1. You post hugot lines on social media.



Apparently winter is coming for some people. And it’s not just the weather that’s getting cold.


2. You get so affected by hugot movie lines.

| One More Chance (2007)

| That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Tissues? You don’t need ‘em! No judging.

|English Only Please (2014)

You often feel like you’re one of the characters in sappy movies — or their story is yours too. #StoryOfMyLife


3. You also get easily swayed by the lyrics of random songs you hear somewhere.



*plays music*
*cries in the corner*



4. You are proclaimed the queen or king of hugot by your friends.


“Owned the crown but not your heart.”


5. You make hugot out of random silly things.

Like how there’s “forever” in traffic at EDSA.


Seriously, even street signs.



6. You even find hugot in current events.

Such as during the last NBA Finals…


…or the recent fight between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos.


And when Taylor moved on too swiftly after her break up with Calvin Harris, people deemed her as #MoveOnGoals.


Even the recent #MMShakeDrill got hugot-worthy.


Hugot! Hugot everywhere!


7. Because for you, hugot isn’t just a statement. It’s more like somebody struck a knife to your heart and you’re slowly pulling it out.


“Give me time to process all these emotions I’m feeling.”


8. Finally, you don’t just mindlessly post hugot lines, you post relevant ones that reflects most of us.


This. This is basically all of us.

Hugot or not, we Filipinos have a way of humorously relating things to our personal lives It’s our way of breathing out the things that are trying to suck the life out us. But if you’re going through a hugot-worthy moment, don’t worry. It will pass.

Everything will be okay.

After all…

“Walang forever.”


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