IN PHOTOS: The ultimate feels trip with Sam Smith

November 23rd, 2015
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After a long delay, English singer-songwriter Sam Smith finally made it to Manila, and it was worth the wait. A night at the Mall of Asia Arena singing along to the King of Emotions was the best possible way to spend a Saturday night. Here he is in action as he conquers Manila for the first time:


A few moments before the curtain drops, the 23-year-old was already being greeted by the crowd’s adoring screams. | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


The first song of the night, “Life Support,” saw the singer grinning broadly at the crowd. | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


Sam was still all smiles as he performed one of his more upbeat tracks, “Together.” | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


When the opening notes of “Leave Your Lover” filled the arena, everyone knew the emotional roller coaster has started and everyone was definitely on board! | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


The feels trip continued with “I’m Not the Only One”. | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


“You’re beautiful!” Sam’s performances were punctuated with adoring statements directed towards his fans and Manila. | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


Sam continued to woo the crowd by serenading them with songs like “Nirvana” and “I’ve Told You Now.” | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


To break the solemnity, Sam led the crowd through upbeat songs like “Money on My Mind,” “La La La,” and “Restart.” | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


Just before launching into heartfelt renditions of “Not In that Way” and “Lay Me Down,” the singer said, “These two songs are the core of my album. But now that I’ve finally moved on from the person who broke my heart, I’m giving them to you. These are now your songs.” | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


“I wanted my album to end on a happy note because I’m a happy person, most of the time. I wanted this record to serve as a love letter to my first boyfriend, whoever that may be,” the singer-songwriter said before launching into “Make It to Me.” | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


The penultimate song of the set, “Latch”, was met with an arena full of phone lights swaying to the beat. | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


Sam saved the best for last by leaving everyone with his famous hit, “Stay With Me.” | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,


With a “See you on my second album, Manila!,” Sam left us all speechless and scrambling to pick up our feelings off the floor.  | Photo by Clarisse Esmile,

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