Luxe Valet is the parking service that Metro Manila needs

May 26th, 2015

by AJT Santos

Few things in life are as frustrating as trying to find parking space when there’s none to be found.


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If you’ve ever experienced circling around a Makati block in vain for 20 minutes or paying those, ahem, “unofficial” street parkers in QC or downtown Manila an arm and a leg just so you can park at some dark street corner and not have your car all scratched up, then you know the struggle is all too real.


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And let’s not even get started on finding a parking spot at BGC during office hours.



Silicon Valley startup Luxe is currently making waves in crowded areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago where parking space is hard to find.

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Currently touted as the “Uber for valet,” Luxe is an app that sends for personal valet parkers on demand. So how does it work?

Launch the Luxe app (iOS and Android) and set a pin on your destination.

Request Valet_App

A pre-screened, trained valet will meet you there when you arrive and park your car for you in one of Luxe’s secure lots.

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 Who has time for washing and fueling cars? Luxe valets, that’s who.

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Ready to leave? Repeat Step 1 to get your car back. Easy!


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Seriously, Luxe. We need you in Metro Manila. NEED!

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