10 things we’ll miss about One Direction

August 24th, 2015

While Directioners all over the globe thought that Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction is the worst thing to happen to this fandom, it turns out that these boys know an even worse way to make everyone cry: split up. For at least 18 months, that is. But how sure are we that they’re going to get back together?!

In light of this tragedy, allow us to count the things we will miss about the band we grew up with while they’re out pursuing solo projects.

1. Harry’s hair and its many different stages over the years…because who wouldn’t miss that?



2. Harry in general. Just look at this cupcake.


3. LARRY STYLINSON. You’re a Larry shipper whether you know it or not.



4. This baby…


5. …who is now all grown up.


6. Spin the Harry. Because, duh.


7. Louis’ sass. Chicken nugget-throwing included.


8. Liam’s devotion to the fans…


9. …and whatever this is.


10. Finally, all those goofball times.





It’s really been a good 5 years with these boys and even though it hurts to see them go their separate ways even for a short while, let’s be honest: we all knew this time would come. We just wish someone told us how to deal with this kind of pain!

Their extended break is set on March, which gives a little over 6 months to get used to the fact that One Direction is temporarily Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall, individually. The least we could do is play “Drag Me Down” on repeat everyday and hope that the stars align again to bring them back together! Hopefully with Zayn back into the group this time. 

Now please excuse us while we crawl into a hole and watch all 7 hours of 1D Day in one sitting.


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